Jan 21, 2023Liked by Ann Tomoko Rosen

Beautiful! I love our body's wisdom and all the ways it communicates with and for us. Listening is the way for so much healing. Thank you for sharing.

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Listening is the way, but it requires getting quiet and being patient. It's not something most of us are very good at (I include myself in this group). I often get people asking me "what can I take for this or that?" and the unwelcome answer is often, "well, it depends". We live in a world where "the answer" is more important than a cultivated understanding and we're all addicted to convenience and instant gratification. That needs to change before the real healing can happen.

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Jan 22, 2023Liked by Ann Tomoko Rosen

I hear you and concur! A cultivated understanding takes roots, and ears.

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